How to Lighten Armpits and Bikini Area

What causes dark coloration on underarms and bikini area? Most of the time they are caused by chronic irritation due to constant shaving and chronic use use deodorants. This condition is actually called dermal melanosis. It's pretty harmless, but obviously it's not very attractive. Dark underarms are a big problem for the women, who like to wear open outfits or just spend a lot of time on a beach. Same deal is with darkening bikini area around vagina (this does not get seen often, but still, it is not something you would really want). While some “experts” might say: “just love your body the way it is”, It is clearly not the answer that most women want to hear.



 How to Lighten Armpits and Bikini Area








There are ways to treat symptoms of dermal melanosis, but it's best to solve the cause of the actual problem. The most common cause of the darkening of underarms and bikini is constant shaving of those areas. This produces chronic irritation that leads to overproduction of melanin in the skin. Overtime, these dreaded underarm dark spots emerge. This leads us to the conclusion that it's best to avoid shaving completely. Obviously, nobody is going to be walking around with hairy underarms and bikini. After all, the 70's are long gone))). So, instead of shaving, continue removing your unwanted hair through waxing and sugaring. These two methods are a lot less stressful to your skin than the constant everyday shaving. Waxing and sugaring are also known to prevent ingrown hairs that are so commonly seen with shaving. A more permanent method of removing your hair is laser hair removal and IPL hair removal. Laser and IPL machines are slightly different, but they work pretty much the same. Both destroy hair follicles by bombarding them with energy. After about 6-7 treatments, your bikini and underarms should be completely hair free. Luckily, in UK these two procedures are dropping in price and becoming pretty affordable for most.




How to treat the actual dark spots on underarms and bikini? Surprisingly, these can be treated easily at home. I am sure you have heard about these weird home treatments such as “potato” or “lemon juice”. You have also probably heard such silly terms as “genital bleaching” or “ underarm bleaching”. Sounds pretty silly. While these do work somewhat. There is absolutely no need for all these weird stuff. The reason lemon juice works is because it contains alpha hydroxy acids or fruit acids. No , you do not have to squeeze lemons or oranges or rub them on your armpits))). You can simply buy fruit acids in a bottle and use them. By fruit acids, I mean glycolic acid, mandelic acid and lactic acid. These solutions are readily available online for chemical peels and skin care. They are fairly cheap and readily available in stores and online. These concentrated fruit acids are a lot more effective in treating darken underarms and all those weird home grown treatments. Most of all, glycolic, mandelic, and lactic acids have been proven to treat dermal melanosis and melasma by scientific studies. There are plenty of published articles in scientific journals about these studies.








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There are two ways to use alpha hydroxy acids in treating darkened bikini or underarms. The first way is by using more concentrated solutions once every 7 or 9 days. You would be doing a mini chemical peel. For this method you will need glycolic acid in 50% to 70% or mandelic acid 20% or lactic acid 40% to 60%. While these concentrations may look scary, they are actually pretty safe. It's best to apply these fruit acid solutions a day or two after you have removed your hair. If you try to apply them right after shaving or waxing, you would be in a lot of pain, they burn))) Also, while you can just wash them off after 2-5 minutes, it is best to neutralize any of these fruit acids with baking soda or a neutralizer that come with them.









Glycolic Acid 50%

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There is a second way of applying fruit acids to the darkened underarms. It is done by using dilute fruit acids. This way you would be applying glycolic acid 5%-10%, mandelic acid 2.5%-5%, or lactic acid 10% everyday or every other day. This is probably the safest way. And you do not need to neutralize given solutions with baking soda. You can simply wash them off. However, it takes more time to achieve results for obvious reasons. However, it does work. And if you find find that your skin can not tolerate higher concentrations of glycolic or lactic acid, this the way to go.









Lactic Acid 10%

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Dark underarms and bikini area are a serious problem for lots of women. However, it is not something that you have to live with. There are plenty of solutions to this problem. This darkening or dermal melanosis is usually caused by irritation due to shaving, therefore, it is best to avoid it completely. Underarm or bikini hair should be removed by waxing, sugaring or permanently destroyed by IPL and Laser treatments. To treat the actual black spots, once they have appeared, alpha hydroxy acids (fruit acids) should be used. Glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and lactic acids are the most commonly used fruit acids to treat these dark spots. They can be used once a week at higher concentrations or they can be used everyday at lower concentrations. In conclusion, please don't listen to people who advise you to “love your body they way it is” or “learn to live with it”. These dark spots can be easily treated and removed)))








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