Are Chemical Peels Safe in the Summer?

Chemical peels are great in removing dead layers of damaged skin cells, improving texture revealing a healthier, glowing, fresh skin. It’s great for all ages and all skin types and conditions. Right now in UK, there is a large array of chemical peels solutions available that can address different conditions of the skin and deliver great results when it comes to beauty and skincare.




chemical peel in the summer




So, can chemical peels be done during summer time? Yes, they can be performed in the summer, but with proper sun protection. But you should be avoiding sun anyway, if you care about your skin. Some patients take advantage of the summer because they can afford downtime for more serious peel procedures. It will depend on the patient’s lifestyle. I would recommend a glycolic acid peel, or salicylic acid peel. Those are lighter in concentration and there’s pretty much NO downtime. It will freshen up the skin and unclog pores without any physical peeling. The lighter peels have great anti-aging benefits, however the results are not as effective as a stronger chemical peels.





Glycolic Peel 50%

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Regardless of what type of chemical peels SPF is a must. Then the other aspect to consider is sun damage. It would make no sense to perform a chemical peel on a patient that’s going to be severely exposed to the sun. So the best approach would be to get a glycolic peel or salicylic acid peel on a Monday or Tuesday. This way, by the time the weekend approached the skin would be back to normal and not so sensitive to the sun.


Also, medium depth peels are great because they deliver amazing results with very minimal downtime. Jessner peels are great and better for oily/ combination or acne prone skin. You can layer and perform a very good peel and achieve excellent results. They are recommended to improve skin texture and address breakouts on thicker skin. Jassner's peel will cause physical peeling depending on how many layers of the acid have been applied.




Jessner's Peel 14%

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TCATrichloroethanoic acid: This peel comes in various concentrations. It will penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin and correct more serious sun damage and acne scars for example. For this chemical peel planning is required. Downtime is about 3 or 4 days depending on how many layers and what concentration has been used. This chemical peel will provide the patient with the most amazing results.




TCA Peel 15%

Acide Trichloracétique 15




There’s no downtime associated with light peels. With medium peels is more of a social downtime. There will be flaking/ peeling for about 2 days. During that time you can use moisturizer and SPF to help calm the skin. Out of all the peels discussed the only one with more serious downtime is the TCA which will be discussed with the patient during their initial consultation. Results will vary from person to person based on skin condition, and how many layers of the treatment have been applied.





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